Skip Over the Middlemen and Unlock the Best Bad Credit Payday Loans Around

A tough financial situation requires massive action in order to get out of it. As you already know, burying your head in the sand will not change anything. The situation will simply get worse. If you take care of it quickly, you can minimize fees and risks, giving you the power to get out of a very stressful time in your life without hassle or additional confusion. That’s what stress brings into your life: confusion. Handling your finances well is a skill, and chances are good that you will make mistakes along the way. Instead of beating yourself up, it’s time to look at the solutions that count, and then work out a plan to make things happen.

The best solution that we can think of when you’re really in a bind is to turn to bad credit payday loans direct lender only. As the name suggests, this means going with payday loan lenders directly rather than passing through a broker. When time is of the essence, you don’t need a broker. You need results. A lender is going to give you the direct results you need, without making your life harder than what it needs to be. The best thing that you can do is just make sure that you’re taking action immediately. Don’t delay sending in the paperwork. This is usually an instant decision thing. You could find out the decision of your loan application and have the money in your bank account in under an hour. That gives you plenty of time to get the money and then go pay your obligations.

Bad Credit Payday Loans

Going out to get these loans is a matter of finding terms that work for you with the right text loan direct lender. Not all payday loans have to be paid back in one lump sum. This is what anti pay day loan people don’t tell you. The industry is changing to meet the needs of today’s consumer, who just wants to get a little financial peace. You can get a payday loan that doesn’t require immediate pay off, choosing instead a loan that can be repaid over time. This gives you more control over your finances. After all, the last thing that you want is to find yourself right back into the sticky financial mess that you started with, right? The best choice in a bad situation is to pick the path that leaves you on stable ground after everything is settled. Check out payday loans today!

Features of Online Loans!

For more than a decade, we have been witnessing the enormous growth and development in technology. With so much of advancement in technology, we can do almost everything quite easily and without leaving our home or office. Yes, we can do all transactions online. An application for a loan too could be made through online. Internet helps you in the matter of transacting businesses. Taking advantage of this facility, these days, there are many people who make their loan applications through online. The work involved is very simple and easy. There will be an application form, available in the ‘net’, and you have to just fill it up with details as required and submit it.

Know the different options of loans

Now that you have decided to make an application for an online loan, it is better for you to know the various types of loans that are available online. There are business loans, student loans, personal loans, auto loans and home equity loans and so on. In short, whatever loans that are available in the finance market are available online too. You decide which type of loan you want to avail and gather the particulars connected with offers of such a loan. Then you start taking action in the matter. Complete details will be available online regarding the various types of installment okay credit loan.

If your option is for a secured loan, you have to offer some security as collateral for the loan. It could be anything of considerable value, such as your house, car or any other property.  If what you want is an unsecured loan, there is no need for you to offer any security for getting the loan. Both types of loans have their own plus and minus points. In the case of a secured loan, the rate of interest will be low and you may pick and choose the term of payment. The loan may be available for a larger amount. As for the unsecured loan, you do not have to worry about offering any security. But then, the amount of loan could be small and rate of interest may be somewhat high.

Online Loans

There may be a genuine doubt in the minds of certain people as to the eligibility for an online loan. Such doubts can be dispelled. Everyone is eligible for an online loan. As a matter of fact, even if you have a bad credit, you can still apply for an online loan! Generally, online lenders are sympathetic towards online loan applicants. They adopt a very lenient view in the matter. Online loans are becoming more and more popular because the procedures are limited and simple compared to the loans available personally in the market. The applicants need not have unnecessary worries over the outcome of their applications.

Seldom do the online lenders reject any loan application, even though they run a risk, to some extent, in giving a loan, particularly an unsecured loan.

In a normal loan, the processing of an application takes much time, sometimes even days and weeks, whereas, in the case of online loans, the processing is done quickly. Their way of processing is to be praised immensely! In spite of their lenient attitude, it cannot be said, that the online lenders complete the processing quickly in respect of all the applications. There may be delays too, but only in exceptional cases. There are no ‘fixed’ rules regarding the processing time. While taking an online loan is easy, convenient and advantageous, you will do well to go through some of the ‘reviews’ from those who have availed such online loans, which will be of help to you to take a final decision in the matter.

Can a History of Payday Loans Destroy Your Chances of a Mortgage?

The payday loan industry is booming. Millions of people are getting short-term cash into their bank accounts every year, and this shows no signs of slowing down for the foreseeable future.

Legitimate payday loan companies are everywhere online, which makes it extremely easy for applicants to get cash in their bank account when they need it the most.

Maybe you have a history of taking out payday loans and now wondering if they can hurt your chances of getting a mortgage?

In the majority of cases this will have no effect at all, especially if you only took out a few payday loans and always paid them back on time.

The problems start if you ever missed payday loan payment deadlines, as these kind of details are reported on your credit file. This means that if you didn’t always pay the money back on time, you might find that your credit score has been negatively affected.

Mortgage lenders look very closely at your credit report, and it is one of the main factors that helps them come to a final decision. If they see that you have not always paid payday loans back on time, or even defaulted on them altogether, then this could lead to them rejecting you for a mortgage loan.

In order to find out if your credit score has been negatively affected by payday loans, it’s a good idea to request a copy of your credit report. You can do this free of charge from any of the major credit agencies, and you should receive your copy within a few days.

Once you have your credit report then you need to look over every item closely. Sometimes there might be mistakes, and it is often a simple process to contact the credit agency and get the offending item completely removed from your report. When you do this, you should see an immediate boost in your credit score rating.

Ultimately, there are many different factors that mortgage lenders take into consideration when looking at your application.

You may have missed payday loan payments in the past but still get accepted for the mortgage loan you want, while on the other hand, your credit report might be completely clean but you end up getting rejected.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to never give up. Just because one mortgage lender rejects you, that doesn’t mean the next one will. Persistence is the key.

Payday Loans – What Are They?

Payday loans are small cash loans which are normally borrowed for around a month. Depending on the lender, you can usually apply for anything from £50 all the way up to £1250, which is typically repaid on your next payday. They are usually used to help cover the costs of urgent expenses like a high utility bill or a broken washing machine, but people also use them for less urgent costs like holidays.These loans are generally called anything from ‘cash advance’ to ‘emergency loan’, and have steadily become more popular in Britain over the past two years. Originating from the USA, these short-term loans have gone from strength to strength, making billions over the last 20 years over the pond.It’s really easy to be able to get yourself one of these payday loans. All that needs to be done is:

  • Enter in your details into the quick and easy online form and receive a loan decision.
  • Once you have been approved for the loan, check through the terms and conditions.
  • If you’re happy with everything, then just sign your agreement online.

It’s really that simple. Once this easy process has been completed, you then just have to wait for the cash to arrive in your account. This will usually be on the same day of applying, and in 60 minutes in the majority of cases.

payday loan

Another reason why customers like this form of short-term credit is because of their confidentiality. When applying for the loan, you will not be asked what you reasons are for taking out a payday loan. Not only this, but they are available to people who might suffer from an unfavourable credit rating. If this is the case, they might not have been able to get other loan types. The reason why bad credit isn’t taken into account is because the lender will look more at you ability to pay the loan back, rather than any difficulties that you might have experienced before.

Despite the fact that these short-term loans are a fast and simple way to be able to get extra money to help with emergency expenditures, it doesn’t mean they should always be used. They aren’t always the cheapest credit option so you should make sure that you would be able to afford the repayments. Also, they should not be used to help with long-term debts as they are only supposed to be used to ease temporary cash flow problems.

Using an Online Lender as Opposed to a Store Lender

One of the things that make payday loans very popular is the fact that you can get a loan approved in less than an hour. Even better, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to get the financing you need; simply apply for the loan online and you are all set. There are a number of reasons why using an online lender is more beneficial. We are going to discuss them in this article.

Better Deals

Find multiple online lenders and compare quotes to find the best possible deal on the market. You can easily save on interest and other charges. Even better, you can still get the money you need in a matter of hours.

There are even online tools that allow you to search for quotes from multiple lenders. The search results are displayed side by side, giving you all the information you need to find the most suitable loan to take out.

online lenders uk

Save Time

Getting the best interest is not the only reason why dealing with an online lender is considered to be the better way to go. Visiting store lenders takes a lot of time and you miss the opportunity to compare rates and deals before applying for the loan. Opt for online lenders and you can compare quotes and apply for the loan quickly and effectively.

No Documents Required

You still need to bring supporting documents with you when visiting store lenders. This is not the case with online lenders. Most online lenders don’t even require you to fax supporting documents.

Keep in mind that you still need to enter valid information when applying for the loan. Make sure all details are up to date and valid so that you can get the loan approved as quickly as possible.

Instant Approval

Even in today’s competitive market, not every store lender offers instant approval. Online lenders, on the other hand, get back to you on the status of your loan application in a matter of hours.

Added Services

There are more online lenders competing for your business these days, so it is not surprising to find additional services and features being offered to attract more customers. Online loan management, easy repayment and flexible terms are among the additional benefits you can expect when applying for a loan from a reputable online lender. All you need to do to get started is select an online lender that suits you best.

Obtaining Payday Loans UK

With a number of loan companies in the market, getting financial help whenever you require is easy. Depending on your need, the loan that you apply for will vary. For those of you looking to tide over some short-term cash crisis can turn to payday loans UK. The need for cash can come suddenly without any warning. We might not have the time to go through the regular loan application process. This is where payday loans can help immeasurably, in helping one get the cash that he or she needs.

Such immediate access to cash however means that the lenders charge a much higher rate of interest than other kinds of loans. So, while approval for UK Payday loans is almost assured, a high repayment amount is also equally certain. Also, the repayment duration is generally very short, in some cases it is as short as 14 days. This however depends on the terms of the loan and the due date of the next pay check.

payday loans uk

Securing payday loans is very easy. All you need to do is search for loan companies online and apply for a loan. There are hundreds of pay day loans UK companies out there. It is important that you choose a trustworthy one that is well known and has good customer reviews. Once you have narrowed down on a company, you will need to fill a simple questionnaire. This will require you to submit certain details about your bank account, job and the amount you wish to borrow. You will need to be above 18 years of age and be a resident of UK. Anyone who meets these simple requirements is eligible to apply for a loan.

Once you have submitted the form, the company will get in touch with you as soon as possible. They realize that you need quick cash and most of the times they get back within a few hours of submitting the application. Once your application is approved, you can expect the money to be there in your bank account within a few hours. The lender may deny the loan application on certain occasions such as when you do not have a steady source of income. Though it is not required for you to have a job, you will be required to submit proof of some kind of income every month.

Payday loans are for a short term. Most lenders expect you to return the money on the next pay cheque day. Some loan companies might allow you to spread the repayments over the next couple of pay cheques. Enquire with your lender about the possibilities you have about loan repayment.

It is imperative that you research a lender before agreeing to sign the deal. Make sure to never agree to a loan unless you are certain that you understand all the terms. Know everything about the history and reputation of the company so that there are no nasty surprises later on. Before signing any deal, it is important that you check the rate of interest and the fees of the lending companies. You must compare the quotes of the different pay day loans UK lenders. This will help you find the best deal that is most suited for your needs. Continue reading…

Consumers Shun Professional Financial Advice

New research conducted by insurance giant Aviva, has shown that around 80% of Britons would get financial advice from their family or friends (or even the internet) instead of going to an independent financial advisor (IFA).

The study showed that the older that the consumers become, the more likely they are to seek professional advice. It found that around 75% of 18-24 years olds would turn to friends and family first, compared to around a quarter of over 65’s.

The study suggested that the reason for this low number of people turning to professional advisors is lack of knowledge and understanding.  Most consumers surveyed correctly knew that an IFA would be able to help them with information on savings, mortgages, income, tax and other insurances. Whereas only a meagre 25% knew that they could help with debt management. The study did show however, that 95% of people who actually sought professional advice felt that they positively benefited from the experience.

In many cases, people will look to short-term loans, like payday loans to help with financial difficulties. For example if they need help to cover urgent expenses. Whilst payday loans are a viable option to help with emergency finances, they should not be used to help with long term debts. They should also not be used as a method to cover other loans or debts that you might have. If this is the case, they we would always recommend that you seek help from a finance professional.

Quick Cash Loans Help Struggling UK Househounds

With many UK households still struggling to make ends meet in these difficult economic times, more and more people are turning to loans as an alternative form of lending, according to recent recent by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The research showed that the number of people borrowing on credit cards has dropped significantly over the last year.

It seems the UK public have lost confidence in using Credit cards as a form of borrowing. This could also be due to the fact that for a lot of people it can be difficult to get approved on a credit card  and the application process can take a long time. The popularity of quick cash loans shows that this has become the preferred method to getting that short term cash fix when they need it the most.

These cash loans allow for a simple easy application with no lengthy forms to fill in. Many lenders also accept people that have bad credit history, as long as they are 18 years old and have some form of income and are a UK resident then they will be able to get an instant cash loan the very same day.

These types of loans, although are high in interest, offer the flexibility for many people that have been denied loans in the past. They are meant to be short term to help you pay for those unexpected bills and pay it back usually when they next get paid. The interest rate can be alarming to some people, but the money is only borrowed over a short period of time. If you look at the overall interest charged using our example then to many people who need the money quick. For example, if you borrow £180 over 28 days, you will end up paying back £45 in interest and a total amount of £225 at 1737% APR.

What Will Be The Fate Of Payday Loans?

It’s hard to avoid in the news this week about Parliament voting on the subject of the payday loans industry. Critics of the short-term loans industry are calling for caps on the cost of credit and cut down on the number of people using payday loans.

This comes after one of my recent blogs talking about the fact that reported a 58% rise in demand for payday loans, as they seem to be increasing in popularity.

The biggest critic of the payday loans industry is Labour MP Stella Creasy, who is leading the call to change the way that the short term loans industry works. It does make you wonder though, what will happen to the customers if payday lenders weren’t able to compete anymore, as more and more people are taking out short term loans to help with emergency finances.

When used correctly, payday loans can actually work out cheaper than going over your overdraft limit and paying for high bank fees. The danger is, when people use them either to cover longer term debts, pay off other loans or use them not as a temporary solution. This is something that we always discourage here at, as we stick to a code of responsible lending.

To work out if you will be able to afford your loan, instead of looking at the ‘high interest rates’ (APR), you should instead look at the repayments charts of your lender. For example, some lenders charge £25 on top of every £100 that is borrowed, but this does vary between loan providers.

So, what will happen in this vote to amend the Finance Bill? Will it affect the payday loans industry? If a cap is placed on interest, will it then price out all of the lenders, meaning people will have no choice when it comes to emergency credit? Who knows. We will have to wait and see what decision is made and how it affects customers.

Things to Consider When Applying for a Cash Loan

Here at we aim to provide the UK consumer with a good service when it comes to providing them with information about cash loans in the UK.

Here are some things you may need to consider when applying for a Cash Loan;

  1. Only get a loan if you really do need the money. If you just want to get a new handbag then save up for it. A Cash Loan should be used as a short term financial solution.
  2. Make sure you can afford to pay the loan back when you next get paid. There is nothing worse than getting into more debt.
  3. A Cash Loan can be used to help rebuild your credit if you have a bad history. But make sure you don’t make things worse by not paying the loan off.
  4. When applying for a Loan, make sure you have done your research. Some websites might have false pictures as testimonials and those little stars with hundreds of reviews, but are they real!
  5. Don’t apply for loans from random junk e-mails offering you the money. Its best find these companies yourself.

If you use these Cash Loans wisely then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Most popular sites only use reputable lenders and when you apply you still have the choice whether to take the loan out or not.

If you need money urgently to pay for those unexpected bills, then apply for up to £1000 with cash in your account the same day.